What is {an Artsy Weekend}?

Hello there you beautiful art lovin' soul!!

Let me tell you a little about the weekends that I host just for YOU.

I love women.  I truly do.  
I love their hearts, their compassion, the way they give and expect very little in return,
their smarts, their talents.  I feel like sometimes we get overlooked.  Our needs
come last.  We need to be filled back up!!  We need to take time to use our creative 
brains and recharge our batteries.  You deserve it!!  That is where I come in.
I firmly believe that my purpose here on earth is to lift women up.  To give them some
very unconditional love.  I have a heart for that.  It is my talent.
So that is where these little weekends come into play.  Have you ever heard this quote?

I hope when you leave one of my retreats the feelings that you take with you will
be so awesome.  That they can carry you through or maybe let you feel something
you haven't felt for a while but needed to.  Maybe it's feeling the creative side come
to life.  Maybe it's a little faith that there are people in the world who care.
Maybe it's a break away from kids and husbands and the everyday.
For me it's the chance to be among like-minded women and to soak in all
of the goodness offered to me...it fills me up.

I sincerely hope that you can be here with us.
I will always work with you and do whatever I can to make that possible.
Remember that you are AMAZING and that you deserve a break!!

OH AND...my instructors are ALWAYS AWESOME.
Not kidding.  I seek out the kindreds, the artists who love to teach, the 
women who feel the same way I do about other women.  They share a piece
of themselves with you that is a rare gift.  Their talents are unbelievable and they
will open up your heart and your mind.  You will do great things under their care.
That, I solemnly swear.

AND one more thing...I promise you will not go away hungry.
Good food is essential to feeding your soul.
*big smile*

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  1. No Junelle after all in 2015? I've been checking back for details to emerge and now her name isn't even listed. : (